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Day #30

Early in my counseling practice, a friend asked me to train his fellow church members how to do what I do. The event blessed so many people I began to conduct the training regularly. When some of my counseling clients signed up, I began to ask if that was okay. If they themselves were struggling, […]

Day #29

I felt fortunate in the fact that I had no addictions until I realized one day I did. I was several decades into my life by that time, and I realized I’d basically been addicted for most of that. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’m a negaholic.  So many decent families of decent, responsible […]

Day #28

An acquaintance made a comment once that deeply wounded me. We were discussing depression, its causes, and how to reverse it. She said, “It’s just self-pity.” She didn’t realize how deep a pit of depression I was in at the time and how shamed I felt at the thought that I’d fallen prey to self-pity.  […]

Day #27

At one point in my life, I toured around singing from church to church. Normally things went beautifully, but this particular concert proved to be a disaster due to the church staff failing to organize. I became so ticked off that it showed. As I complained and tromped about, a man I’d met that afternoon […]

Day #26

As a young person I lived in Chicago, where I worked with a city ministry. Determined to live the gospel, sharing the good news with the poor and disenfranchised, I sought out and visited a number of people who lived in the shadier parts of town, shocking some of my friends with what they perceived […]

Day #25

I have a long-standing relationship with sadness. Sadness would visit to do a good work in me, but I would then bar her from leaving. I believed that if I let her go, I’d automatically lapse into deceived, Pollyanna denial of the darker aspects of life, and that her return would be much more painful […]

Day #24

My DNA gave me a good dose of worry, then I learned it from my home environment. Epigenetics took it from there as I learned a lifestyle of worry, nature and nurture coalescing into anxiety spirals that have encircled me for much of my life. Like some of the toxic boyfriends I had as a […]

Day #23

I grew up in a measure of privilege. We weren’t rich, but we were comfortable. I never feared poverty. Then seasons of life brought me to the other side of the tracks. I came to understand scarcity and fear of want. Anxiety washed over me when bills arrived. I even at times could barely purchase […]

Day #22

My dad. He worked so hard. I recall him dashing out to work through the front door as we ate our cheerios, steaming coffee in hand, walking back through that same door exhausted many hours later to sleep a few hours and do it all over again the next day.  But Dad also knew how […]

Day #21

Some of the people who first helped me understand the Bible showed me in various passages that Jesus said He would come again. They conveyed the idea that if I wasn’t sinless at that time, I would be overwhelmed by the brightness of His coming, calling for the rocks to fall on me and hide […]