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  1. Jon Syvertson

    Hello, My name is Jon. I am from Richland Center, Wisconsin.

    I just did the day one. For those concerned about the relationship of this to contemplative spirituality, or eastern meditation, This is a biblical form of medication where our brain is fully engaged in the process of acknowledging Gods involvement in our life. There are no mantra’s involved. God is worthy to be praised. Just be careful to not go down the mantra, repetitive prayer path. The Bible warns us how not to pray. Matt 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. We should not be creating an empty space, but filling our mind with the Praise and acknowledgement of God, which I feel this does.

    The extra dose of Oxygen really clears my mind. Thank you for this.

    I have been aware of the benefits of oxygen and deep breathing for a long time but have avoided it because there is a real danger in.

    Regards, Jon

      1. Jon Syvertson

        Thank you Jennifer. I believe it helped me face some VERY difficult decisions I needed to move thru yesterday. I thank God for that. A little surrender to His will and not thinking we have to face it all alone is a good thing.

        Oh yes, Do I get a happy face for being the first post on here 🙂

  2. Daniel Parsons

    Very helpful, I noticed that my mind slowed down, I was actually able to FOCUS in on the exercise. I make a living on the internet so distraction happens. Thanks for putting this series together !

  3. Lisa Reynoso

    I never considered myself an anxious person, but lately I have been dealing with anxiety related to things like parenting. I’ve also been struggling in my relationship with God. So these are very timely for me. I’m going to use them twice a day, I think. Right before bed would be very good, because sometimes my mind races and I can’t sleep even though I’m tired.

  4. Erin

    I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and am now also dealing with chronic pain which increases my anxiety. This first meditation brought tears to my eyes. So grateful for the opportunity use this resource. I am feeling more calm so far today! Constant connection to Christ is definitely the key. Thank you Jennifer And Neville!

    1. Donna

      Hi Erin … just wanted to say that you’re not alone with your pain. Mine causes anxiety too, and has kept me from connecting with other people, which is isolating. I’ve relied on people, more than God, to meet my “connection” needs, and I’m slowing learning that I need Jesus as my best friend. I still need people though!

  5. Cheryl

    I’ve listened twice already. Tears streamed down my face both times during the song.

    My anxiety and fears are so deep. I pray this will bring me some relief.

  6. Belinda

    These are incredible. Calming and connecting to Jesus all in one!! I’m a teacher and after the craziness of 2020 I’m so excited to be a part of this journey and am blown away with the quality of the meditations. Thankyou!!!

  7. Someone trying..

    I am joining from Germany and must admit, that fear at times crept up inside of me, wondering, if what I am doing is OK. Plus, whether I got the breathing right. 🤔 Wanted to relax and was instead building up tension. Yet after a while I kinda got into somewhat of a rhythm. 😊

    The Scripture Song is beautiful! Really enjoyed it.

    Plus the breathing tune and text. It made me smile.

    Thanx for making it all available! 🌼

  8. Sabrina Petersen

    I’ve been very skeptical of anything that might have new age connections, but these meditations on Scriptural truth are biblical and beautiful. One thought in the devotional that stood out to me was the importance of acknowledging an emotion in order to be able to work through it. I’ve often tried to repress emotions, but I want to learn to acknowledge my fears, concerns, and stressors so that I can give them to Jesus and allow Him to fill me with His peace.

  9. Jenny Montenegro

    I truly enjoyed day 1. Going through some really hard times right now and the mediation opened the door for a deeper conversation with God. Beautifully done! Looking forward to day 2.

  10. Ericka

    loved it.. very beautiful. reminded me of another quiet gentle song i think is beautiful so i had to listen to that too. 😛
    my cat came over to me and i let her sit in my lap. that doesnt happen much anymore after i started getting hives in 2014 and they told me i was allergic. i havent had hives in a couple years now (discovered an allergy to ibuprofen after having my wisdom teeth removed) and its quiet and no kids around to rush her. 😛 she used to sit in my lap all the time. what a sweetie.
    i didnt even go back to what i was doing right away. created some very nice space! <3

  11. Nicky Dube

    Hi I’m Nicky and I’m from Indiana. I am a full time wife and mom and a part time resident professional Counselor. I have been longing for a biblical meditation program for myself and my clients since I began my counselor education. Even attending a Christian institution, I consistently came across eastern meditation and “empty your mind” mindfulness techniques that are not congruent with my understanding of the Bible. I’m already in love with this program after just one episode. I look forward to this journey!!

  12. Megan

    Hi, so glad I joined, this was good. I feel a little more relaxed after just one session. (Must admit, I initially struggled to think of three safe things that I’m grateful for, but on further reflection, I have been able to do so.)

    The song at the end was beautiful! Looking forward to listening a second time.

    Thank you. 😊

  13. Mari-Carmen Gallego

    Hello, my name is Mari-Carmen and I live in Albuquerque, NM. I am originally from Spain but have lived in the US for over three decades.
    I have just done day one on this Sabbath evening after a day full of activity and I am going to have to type quickly because I am going straight to bed. I feel relaxed. Loved the beautiful song at the end!

  14. Jodi

    Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful program. I look forward to learning to mindfully meditate on Jesus’ Word more. I especially enjoyed listening twice today. As someone who is not auditory, listening again at the end of the day helps reinforce and deepen the thoughts and Scriptures introduced earlier. And I’m nice and relaxed for sleep, thanks to the breathing exercise. Thankful Jesus is my safety and Comforter to all my fears.

  15. Lorna Bird

    Hi, I’m Lorna from Victoria, Australia.
    So grateful to God for these Jesus Meditations and for those who have put them together – what a wonderful blessing they are and will be to so many people. I look forward to and very much appreciate the opportunity to go through these meditations during the next 30 days.
    Day 1: I thank God for the safe things in my life:

    • being in relationship with God
    • my body is a safe place in inhabit
    • time in nature
  16. Donna Reinking

    Yup … fear not … and I was just as afraid, or guilty because I couldn’t let the fear go. Glad to know I’m not alone ….and that someone has figured this out.
    The breathing is always hard for me … I really liked it that you spoke during the breathing song … that little “reminder” helped me.

    Thanks, Jill.

  17. Steve

    Greetings! My name is Steve from Massachusetts. I have been on furlough from my job providing counseling services to residents at nearby nursing homes. Last month, I had a TIA (or “mini-stroke”) episode that was a little scary. It has been shown that 1 out of 3 folks who have had such an attack will go on to have a major debilitating stroke. So it has been difficult to keep this worry from looming over me. I believe that the stress surrounding a particular situation in my life may have contributed to the TIA. Therefore, am looking for better ways to manage this stress that have a spiritual component.
    I loved everything about the 1st Meditation exercise and it has provided me with some needed hope.
    With deep gratitude to you both, Jen and Neville.

  18. Jason

    Good morning and Happy Sabbath community! I just went thru Day 1. I started weeping uncontrollably when brother Neville started singing that beautiful song based off of Philippians 4:6. Thank you Jennifer and Neville for this unique and Jesus Christ centered meditation.

  19. Jeannie Windels

    My name is Jeannie Windels. My husband, Jerry and I own and operate a hydroponic, spray-free vegetable greenhouse in Alberta, Canada and a retail store for locally-produced plant-based foods.

    I really appreciate the encouragement to breathe deeply. Scientifically and Inspirationally sound. Also appreciate the Scriptural devotional thoughts and lovely music.

    Still processing the encouragement to breathe deeply for the purpose of opening myself up emotionally. I have long understood that our emotions need to be under the control of reason so I’m a little hesitant with an exercise to open up my emotions.
    I also found the opening music to be a little spooky but overall I really appreciate that someone is aware of the dangers of popular meditation and is offering a Jesus-focused, Scripture based alternative.

    Thank you Jennifer and Neville!

    1. Jennifer J Schwirzer

      Jeannie, specifically what conscious breathing does is engage the cerebral cortex and activate a brain area called the anterior cingulate cortex. I say, “open up emotionally” as a summary, but a more complete explanation would be that far from de-activating the thinking part of the brain, regulated breathing activates it, at the same time activating the connection between the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. Many have difficulty feeling what they believe cognitively to be true. This connecting of the higher brain with the emotional brain helps resolve that. Hope that explanation helps.

  20. Onieka

    My name is Onieka, and I completed day One. This actually really helped my stress and anxiety. It was very much helpful in that I was able to meditate on God’s truth, and have that to fall back on. I cannot wait for Day 2. Thank you so much for letting the Lord use you!

  21. Joelle W

    Hello! I’m Joelle, a stay at home mom to two youngsters. I’m really looking forward to these Jesus Meditations. Thank you Jennifer Jill & Neville Peter!

  22. Lauren

    Very nice, I was a little nervous about it because I’m leery of eastern meditation, but this touched me, especially the scripture song.

  23. Vanessa

    Happy to join you all! My name is Vanessa, and I live in Connecticut. I work with college students, and they keep me going! Jesus Meditations is absolutely needed during these times. I didn’t realize I was holding on to a lot of tension. Stress, fear, let go! Meditating on God’s truth in this way is such a blessing. I know He is with me – without a doubt. Looking forward to this set apart time each day! (I realized I commented in the main article instead of here!)

  24. Sasha

    It took me a few tries to get the breathing right….felt like I couldn’t get enough air. But once I did, it proved a blessing. I’ve had trouble surrendering my thoughts to God over the past few days. This helped. Thank you.


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