Day #1

Philippians 4:6-7

I’m much better these days, but I once struggled with anxiety so severe that I’d go for days hardly sleeping. I remember reading some of the over 300 times God says in His Word not to fear. It bumped my fear up several more notches. I was afraid of being afraid. 

Secondary disturbance occurs when we become disturbed, then disturbed about being disturbed–afraid, and then afraid of being afraid. There are two forms of secondary disturbance: Moral and pathological. Moral secondary disturbance says, “It’s wrong for you to be afraid. You’re a failure;” pathological says, “This fear will kill you. Order your coffin.” I think I had a little of both. 

Counterintuitively, the first step in resolving primary fear is accepting it. Yep, I said that. In other words, address your secondary disturbance first. It forms something like a hard psychological shell cutting off access to your primary disturbance. Dissolve the shell, and gain free access. 

So let’s resolve secondary disturbance: When God says not to fear, He does NOT say, “Don’t FEEL afraid.” You cannot control your feelings of fear directly any more than you can stop the sunrise. Accept those feelings as part of your humanity. They come from a mix of genetics, trauma history, learned behaviors, current circumstances, and bad habits. With God’s help, you can resolve trauma, and learn new ways of thinking and functioning, bringing more peace into your life. 

Redirect your thoughts now to some safe things in your life. Do you have a favorite person, pet, or place? Take a moment and thank God out loud for three of the safe things in your life. 

Let us pray. Dear God, You have called us to a life of courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to do what is right even though feeling afraid. You yourself know what fear is like, as you feared separation from God. But you gave Your life to save us; that is, to make us safe for eternity. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, God. 

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7

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47 thoughts on “Day #1

  1. Ruth

    If as a Christian you’ve wondered if meditation is “safe”, here is your opportunity to enjoy original scripture music and try it out without fear. Experience for yourself the calming benefits of meditation with trusted creators as your guide. Beautiful, effective and grounded in God’s Word.

  2. Joanne

    My name is Joanne. I am from Texas. I am an entrepreneur. Currently, I am working towards launching my “Journey to Wholistic Health” business, to provide health coaching to my clients. The idea is to provide healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Mental and emotional healing often deal with more than just what we eat, unlike our physical health. It involves a mindset. Typically, wholistic health includes mediation activities such as Yoga, which, as a christian, I was not interested in incorporating. This exercise by Jennifer and Neville, seems like to good alternative, especially since my ultimate goal is to lead people to Christ through medical missionary.

  3. Elsa

    Glad for the opportunity to trial a Christian meditation. Using God’s promises to reboost and relax. Accompanied by beautiful scripture music.

  4. Linda

    Truly enjoyed the exercise. Look forward to joining with you to meditate on God’s word day and night! One thing that is still playing in my mind is, “Be anxious for nothing.”
    Great way to memorize scripture and remember to claim God’s promises.

  5. Rachel

    I’m Rachel. I live in beautiful, rainy Washington. This is a gap year for me in school, and I’m waiting to see where I’m accepted–into grad school or to a job teaching English in Japan.
    I wanted to try out Jesus Meditations because it sounded peaceful and calming, and a good way to start my day with God. First day half done, and I’m looking forward to closing the evening with this as well.
    It will take me a while to get used to the deep breathing, but boy will it be helpful. The music is enjoyable, and the content is God’s, so I’m thankful for this.

  6. Jackie

    This is great! I love how it is totally Biblical to meditate on God’s Word and that we can do it in creative ways.

  7. Tara

    My name is Tara. I am from the States, but I live and work at a boarding school in South America. We have a lot of young people who have experienced trauma on some level and our mission is to provide them a safe place where they can HEAL, GROW, and THRIVE in Christ. I follow Jennifer on social media and I’ve been looking forward to the release of these Jesus Meditations for a while! I’m eager to curb my own stress and anxiety with these scripturally-sound, God-centered meditations.

  8. cree

    This is exactly what I need on a Friday evening! My week was busy with some intense emotions here and there. After listening to episode 1, I just felt so relaxed and at peace. The breathing, the song and sounds, the words–beautifully combined to preach to my heart. I do struggle with secondary disturbance. It’s not as bad as before, but I could relate to this devotional. The ideas our thoughts come up with can really be powerful and controlling. The fear for feeling guilty. The disturbance from being disturbed.

    I like how this devotional helps us meditate on things that are safe. I gravitate towards ruminating about the otherwise. But as soon as I (audibly) identified those which/who make me feel safe, I sensed peace and perhaps some joy too!

    Thank you for this episode. It has blessed me. Can’t wait to listen to it again before going to sleep. I love the scripture song by Neville too! I have to learn it!



  9. Sharon

    W-O-W!!! I have struggled with anxiety and chronic pain my entire life. As a toddler, I would literally hold my breath until I turned blue in the face and either had to take a breath or pass out. Nothing the doctors told my mom to try could get me to stop. I have spent my entire life unable to relax or calm my limbic system enough for me to successfully do any CBT or similar therapies. Medication has also been useless. I have now done the day one meditation 3 times. The first time I struggled to figure out the breathing, and instead just focused on the words being spoken and sung. Just that did something I never believed was possible: It calmed my limbic system enough for me to focus for the first time in my life and actually start to physically relax just a tiny bit. The second time, I did better with the breathing exercise, and the result was that I was able to calm down and keep things in perspective after having a very deep and painful wound triggered by a passing comment made by a family member who meant no harm. After the third time, I think I’ve got the rhythm of the breathing down, but noticed I’m doing chest breathing instead of the deep diaphragm breathing. Just been wanting to cry after each time, because for the first time in my life I actually feel hope for the future. THANK YOU Jennifer and Neville for allowing God to use you! I am looking forward to the rest of the 30 day challenge and am grateful that there is finally a truly Biblical form of meditation available to help those of us in need.

  10. Lucy

    Good evening Everyone. My name is Lucy and I live in Pennsylvania. This meditation has sure been a blessing for me. I cannot wait for tomorrow to listen to the next meditation. The breathing exercises are so relaxing and along with the music (which I truly love) is food for the soul. In times where I believe most of us if not all are experiencing some what anxiety, this can provide a God center alternative to traditional meditation. May God continue to bless the Ministry that Jennifer and Neville have started and may this reach everyone in need of it, while also touching their hearts and may we all open our hearts truly to our loving Savior. God bless you all.


  11. Amy

    I’m joining from Virginia. Anxiety has been dogging my steps for years. Trying these meditations as a way to truly relax. I enjoyed the first one and look forward to continuing.

  12. Nowelle

    My name is Nowelle, and I travel with my family doing ministry full time. I’m recovering from COVID, and I really needed this today. It’s an exhausting illness, and I’m mother of five energetic children!
    im looking forward to the JM Challenge because I’ve been struggling lately to make time to spend alone with God, and I think this will be a good way to reset/restart that routine, I’ve also been having many overwhelming fears and anxious thoughts, and I’m excited because filling my mind with the truth of Gods word always brings peace.
    Praise the Lord for this!

  13. Gail

    Hi, my name is Gail, I’m from Orlando, Florida. Jennifer is my neighbor and I desired to hear her new award winning project that came out of 2020. Jennifer, you and Neville hit it out the park! Thank you for taking a testimony arrow from your quiver and shooting it in our life. Wasn’t it David summoned by King Saul to play his music to calm the torment he suffered so he could rest?!? Music is powerful and reaches deep, thank you for taking the gift of music and planting Gods Word. Truth sets us free. Awesome work!

  14. Deborah

    Hello, my name is Debbie. I’m thankful for these Christian meditations and I’m hoping they will help me learn to live with a more restful state of mind, focused on Jesus. I’ve been participating in the Abide phone study groups for a while now and then I learned about this set of 30 days of meditation through an email from Jennifer.

  15. Katrina

    Thank you Jennifer and Neville! I just did the first meditation. I’m so relaxed and peaceful. I appreciate and like the breathing technique. The message and song were comforting and peaceful.
    Peace to you both.

  16. WayAnne

    Thought provoking discussion, high quality production and, above all, a beautiful, Christ-centered message. Thank you, Neville and Jennifer, for your creativity in ministry.

  17. AJ

    Hi, I’m writing from Europe. This invitation comes at a good time as I just finished 21 days of prayer and a Daniel fast and wondered how I was going to be motivated and what devotionals to continue. I’m passing thru a winter sad time and depression. I’m better after this 21 day period but need to continue the path forward. I will try this 30 days exercise in addition to my routine to help improve and turn around my negative thinking.

    I like the concept and will continue but if I’m honest, it feels a little creepy at the beginning and very “new age-ish” with the music and breathing exercise…despite knowing that it is Christ centered. This morning I repeated the breathing exercise with another meditative song in my play list and found it just as relaxing without the mystical feeling.

    That said, the message and scripture song are great!

  18. Arieta

    Hello everyone! That was nice ❤️ Calming & just what I needed to hear!PTL!

    I’m Arieta, currently in California, US. I love Jesus & was so happy to learn about Jesus meditations..usually nervous & skeptical about meditations, but not this one!looking forward to tomorrow! Hugs!

  19. Sarah

    Greetings from Thailand!

    I’m originally from the States, but have been living, teaching, and studying in S.E. Asia for a number of years. Lately I’ve been feeling a need for something more to help me deepen my connection with God, and Jesus Meditations seemed like the perfect thing to try. I especially appreciate the thought that when God tells us not to fear, He’s not telling us not to feel fear. I am looking forward to learning and growing each day!

  20. Brenda Hall

    I am from Washington state and am blessed to work from home due to Covid. I enjoy working out in my garden and yard and also hiking in the mountains or along the beach whenever we can. I have been very blessed by God’s abundant grace and mercy but I find myself struggling with much stress over several years due to some great losses I have had. Several years ago I did yoga pretty faithfully and it was really an amazing experience. I understand some of the other’s who have commented on being afraid of meditation and yoga etc…I used to be like that but I realized that maybe it is myself putting God in a box. Just because something originated in the east doesn’t make it evil. I had to shift my thinking. I could say a lot here, but will restrain and keep it to this–I have thought it would be so awesome if someone were to create a Christ focused yoga because it is such a healing modality and so many Christian’s are afraid of it which I totally understand. So; when I heard about the JM I was excited to try it. After listening to the first two a couple of times this morning tears just started swelling up in mu eyes totally unexpectedly. I feel like my stress has been so shut up inside of me and I have been emotionally disconnected as well. I felt like this exercise helped to release some of those blocked emotions I have not been able to connect to. I believe it is a combination of the relaxing music and sounds along with the beautiful scripture chosen to pair with it. One last comment about the sounds as I had read someone else comments about them being mystical. God created sounds, there are many sounds in nature that are very soothing, but many times we don’t allow ourselves to hear them we are too busy and not paying attention. I feel like God can use calming soothing sound combinations to help sooth our nerves and many of those sounds are steady and constant like a bubbling creek and the ocean waves. Thank you Jennifer and Neville for putting the time and effort into creating this. I believe God wants to heal his people and this is one way he can work to do just that.

  21. Onieka

    As the previous comments have shared, this meditation method helps me to release the bad and welcome the good. The good referring to God’s word. I’m looking for methods which will help me manage stress, as I find that this can cause a host of health issues. And as a Christian, I want to do it in a way where God is the center. Awesome job.

  22. Shirley Mann

    This meditation fit in so nicely with a section of today’s Sabbath School lesson on what it means to fear God. I teach the adult class at our small church in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and today we again talked about the different meanings of fear, including awe and being afraid. This was a good fit.

  23. Sarai

    I struggled to keep a breathing pattern while listening. I took that as an indicator that I need more simplicity of mind and body. These meditations will be challenging for me, but I hope to see improvements day by day.

  24. Vanessa

    How fitting today’s meditation touched upon fear, and we discussed that in this past week’s lesson study. Amen. The three ways I’ve felt God’s love include the little attentions my loved ones afford me, the strength and discipline given to me to achieve an important long time goal, and the moments when God reminds me that He has heard my prayers and will make a way.

  25. Danella

    The scripture was right on time, as I was beginning to feel anxious about a certain situation. As I accepted the truth that I can’t change the feeling, I also calmed at the reminder to give it to God, who controls the situation. Thank you

  26. Ericka

    i dropped the ball a couple days here but def came back for this. my sister possibly has an extremely rare form of cancer and im a bit overwhelmed. but this is going to only help.

    anyway, 3 ways ive felt Gods love for me…

    1. i have always noticed how i seem to be protected. my naivety has gotten me into situations that i probably shouldnt have gotten into, and yet, ive been safe. in hindsight i cringe thinking how wrong it could have turned out, but every single time, it didnt. wow.
    2. even when i was given 2 unexpected unplanned pregnancies after my first 2, i know it was from Gods love for me. i love having these babies, even as hard as parenting is, and i love that they have each other too.
    3. my husband. my word, sometimes im intolerable, and i know it. and he gets mad, but never mad enough that he stops loving me. he always brings me back, brings me out of myself (i tend to process in my head a lot). wow.
    4. ill add a bonus because this one is growing and restarting after some unhealthy time period… my parents. in my devastation tonight my husband talked to them and they called me and talked me thru this and shared with me their hope, and my sisters hope.. this is going to knit us back together again after a long time where distance had been growing. this is going to grow us together more when we really didnt have everything together as far as talking about God or praying together. thats just a wow. it hurts but its a hurt that fuses.
  27. Breannna

    I wish I wasnt afraid of worrying about worrying when I practice violin…secondary disturbances. Let me just not think about it.

    Fewer changes in background sounds/music I might like better. More still.

  28. Daniel Parsons

    Favorite person is my beautiful wife Patricia. She is an SDA Bible Worker here in Chile. Favorite place is Alaska because it is so diverse & incredibly scenic. Favorite audio channel on Sound Cloud is Jesus Meditations by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer and Neville Peter.

  29. Ann

    I am joining from WI. Thank you for putting this together. I just realized that I posted what I meant for day one on day 4. Oops. Anyway so appreciate this opportunity. Helps me go to sleep easier.


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